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‘SHUBRAM BROOYAT’; ‘speak well’

VSS works towards aiding the speech and hearing impaired in realizing their ability to speak, communicate and be heard. The mission of VSS is to constantly work towards developing and enhancing its products of service to the common people as well as professionals by scientific research.

About Voice and Speech Systems (VSS)

Path-breaking research, thoughtful application and pioneering development defines Voice and Speech Systems (VSS) led by Dr. T. V. Ananthapadmanabha (M.E, Ph.D.), an eminent researcher of repute. VSS has been successful in pioneering and developing diagnostic and therapeutic software, ‘Vagmi’ which caters to treat common people and the hard of hearing with various voice and speech disorders. VSS has also developed other products for professionals in the field of Voice, Speech and Hearing such as Vagmi Nada, Speech Science Lab, AudioLab, Auditory and Cognitive Training Module etc.

VSS has a wide range of software and hardware products catering to the needs of common people having speech and hearing deficiencies as well as to the professionals in the field of speech and hearing. The products of VSS have been used by educational institutions for routine clinical training, for Master level dissertations, Doctoral theses works and projects sponsored by DOE, Ministry of Health etc. Hundreds of institutions, hospitals, private clinics and hard of hearing schools use products of VSS. Voice Print developed by VSS is used by the Forensic Labs.

Voice and Speech Systems’ latest development is its software package, ‘Vagmi Nada’ to assist the learning of Carnatic music by recognizing one’s optimum shruti and aiding the practice of various basic exercises and by giving a visual feedback against the measured parameter of the swaras to minimize errors during practice. Vagmi Nada is picking up in the National and International markets at great pace.

Voice and Speech Systems’ yet another latest development is its software package

VSS Auditory and Cognitive Training Module –
This module is also a very interesting tool for the geriatric population for the mind and memory to be sharp keeping Alzheimer and dementia at bay!

VSS Auditory and Cognitive (VSS-ACTM) software module consists of a large number of tests with gradually increasing complexity covering auditory, visual and spatial modalities. The auditory tests can be programmed in any language. The instructions can be shown in two languages: English and any other second language.

Dr. Anantha continues his creative research with great passion in areas like text to speech synthesis using articulatory model, automatic speech recognition using invariant acoustic – phonetic properties (knowledge-based approach) etc. The outcome of research has resulted recently in a couple of international publications.

Dr. T. V. Ananthapadmanabha

The Visionary, Founder and Chief innovator of Voice and Speech Systems, Dr.T.V.Ananthapadmanabha holds a PhD degree in electrical communication engineering from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and also is a recipient of the Gold Medal from the IISc. Sir C V Raman Award was conferred on him by the Acoustical Society of India. He has worked in world renowned labs such as Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm; Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh; AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ; MIT, Cambridge. Dr. Anantha has also worked as a Professor & Dean of Research at MSR School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore where he was the Head of investigations on Image Processing Projects under TIFAC-CORE.

Dr. Anantha is actively involved in research. He has published a large number of papers and reports in prestigious technical journals of international standard. He has conducted a number of seminars and organized several workshops to create awareness amongst the professionals in the field. To mention a few; “Siksha Sastra and Experimental Phonetics”; and a National Conference on Image Processing (NCIP 2005).

Dr. Anantha is a member of a number of professional bodies– Dravidian Linguistics Association, International Phonetics Society, Bureau of Indian Standards Acoustics Committee LT5 and Empowered Committee Member of the Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote. He was a member of the Acoustical Society of America, was a senior member of the IEEE and was the chair of IEEE EMBS Bangalore Chapter.

He is a collaborator at the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore and the electrical Engineering Department of IISc, Bangalore and is actively involved in guiding M.Sc. and Doctoral students.

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Allied Interests of Dr. T. V. Ananthapadmanabha

Dr.Anantha enjoys understanding the contribution of ancient Indian seers and presenting them in the contemporary context of exact sciences. He pursues his spiritual sadhana with the grace of Sriranga Mahaguru at his own pace.

He is the author of ‘Inner Workings During Yoga Practice’ and the‘Geometry of Sricakra’.

Specifically the following topics are of tremendous interest:

Sabda and Nada: Studies on the physical and spiritual aspects of sound (pranava, hamsa mantra, vedic chanting, music, speech, etc.); Use of nada/ music for therapy; Significance of Maheswara (or Siva) Sutras.

Sound and Form: Converting speech and musical sounds into visual forms. He has shown the existence of a strong correspondence between pranava and vowels to their corresponding Devanagari scripts.

Nadi Vijnana: (Reading of the ‘pulse’ as defined in Ayurveda). Creating a general awareness of the wide scope and applications of Nadi Vijnana as expounded by Sriranga; Establishing the existence of Nadi Rhythms; Instrumentation; Applications

Philosophy: Studies into consciousness; Interpretation of Schools of Philosophy and Upanishads with a modern perspective – Pindanda and Brahmanda Relationship.

Interpretation of Mystical Drawings and associated topics.