Breathy Voice, Unable to Speak for Long Duration

In case of breathy voice, the air stored in lungs is depleted faster than desired.  This is also referred to as ‘inefficient’ use of voice. Some speakers are unable to speak for a long duration in a single breath due to poor breath support or a breathy (leaky) voice.  This results in taking frequent breaths while talking which dries up the throat and may damage the vocal folds.

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Vagmi Therapy Breath Support Module

If breath support is good, yet the client’s voice gets tired after prolonged usage, as frequently happens for teachers or lawyers, then the client has to use the optimum pitch level suitable to his/her voice.

For the measurement of and practice at optimum pitch level, visit the following link for details:

Vagmi Therapy Voice Control Module

If voice is of breathy quality, a qualified speech language pathologist or ENT specialist can ascertain this using the menu options ‘Acoustic Glottogram’ for measurement and ‘Glottal Leakage for therapy of Vagmi Therapy Advanced Voice Module.

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Vagmi Therapy Advanced Voice Module

Vagmi Therapy Voice Module – Advanced-Acoustic glottogram
Vagmi Therapy Voice Module – Basic- For Respiratory support helps to check if the air is being depleted too fast from the lungs and to measure the maximum duration for which a sustained sound can be produced. Also there are exercises to practice and improve the capacity to speak for a long duration.

Vagmi Therapy Voice Module – Advanced- Glottal leakage shows when the voice is of desired quality and when it is produced with too much breathiness.

Vagmi Therapy Voice Module – Advanced- Acoustic glottogram indicates if the mode of vibration of  the vocal folds is improper resulting in the air being depleted very fast.