Lifetime License for Professionals, Institutions

Vagmi Therapy has a suite of modules. Depending on the specialty, a professional may avail a subset of the available modules. A hard of hearing school or a school for autistic children may be interested only in some select modules. Due to budget consideration a privately practicing professional may like to initially have only a few modules and later upgrade it to the comprehensive version. Voice and Speech systems offers this as a purchase option. Apart from the Therapy modules, Voice and Speech Systems has developed Diagnostics and Speech Science Lab modules especially catering to clinical and scientific usage for professionals.

Vagmi Therapy: Options

  • Vagmi Therapy Breath Support Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Voice Control Module
  • Advanced Voice Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Picture-Word-Articulation Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Pronunciation Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Stuttering Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Nasalence Module

Vagmi Voice Diagnostics: Options

  • Advanced-Plus
  • Comprehensive (This includes the Advanced-plus)

Speech Science Lab (SSL)

  • SSL-T for running a practical (experimental) course in speech science and speech signal processing.
  • SSL-R for conducting research projects, MSc dissertations, Doctoral thesis etc. Includes SSL-T
  • SSL-Workbench for projects related to speech technology:The following options are available under SSL-Workbench:
    • Speaker Recognition
    • Speech Coding
    • Speech Synthesis using an Articulatory Model
    • Speech Recognition
  • SSL-F for Forensics: Combination of SSL-R and SSL-Workbench for Speaker recognition

VSS Auditory and Cognitive Training Module

  • Advanced
  • Comprehensive

Stand Alone Modules

  • AudioLab
  • Vagmi Aphasia
  • Vagmi Voice Culture
  • Vagmi Voice Awareness
  • Vagmi Intonation and Accent
  • Vagmi Nada