A Complete list of our Products

Vagmi Therapy


Vagmi Voice Diagnostics

  • Basic Voice Analysis Option
  • Advanced Option which includes on- line measurements, database facility and advanced display
  • Comprehensive Option which includes Acoustic glottography and Spectograph

Speech Science Lab (SSL)

    • SSL-T for running a practical (experimental) course in speech science and speech signal processing.
    • SSL-R for conducting research projects, MSc dissertations, Doctoral thesis etc. Includes SSL-T
    • SSL-Workbench for projects related to speech technology.

      The following options are available under SSL-Workbench:

      • Speaker Recognition
      • Speech Coding
      • Speech Synthesis using an Articulatory Model
      • Speech Recognition


  • SSL-F for Forensics: Combination of SSL-R and SSL-Workbench for Speaker recognition

VSS Auditory and Cognitive Training Module

  • Advanced
  • Comprehensive

Stand Alone Software

Hardware Products

    • Input amplifier for dynamic microphone
    • Two microphone setup for Nasalence measurement
    • High quality speech data acquisition system
    • Speech activated toys
    • Anti- aliasing active filters
    • Speech Aids