Nasal Voice

There is an organ called velum near the root of the tongue. Some times this is referred to as ‘little tongue’. This acts as a valve. Lifting this valve leads to the blockage of sounds via the nostrils producing a nasal voice. On the other hand, this valve or the velum has to be lowered to produce sounds such as ‘m’, ‘n’. When a person is unable to control the movement of velum and if it is always in a lowered position then his/her speech sounds highly nasal. This is called ‘nasal voice’.

The inability to move the velum may be because of lack of awareness or bad practice. In such a case therapy programs help one become aware of the action of velum and there by learn to regulate it. On the other hand, if the nerve connecting to the muscles of the velum is unable to activate it, it is a permanent damage, may be since birth – a congenital defect. In such a case therapy will not help.

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Vagmi Therapy Nasalance Module