Neurologists – Vagmi Aphasia and VSS-ACTM

A common problem often associated with a stroke is the loss of speech (aphasia) and memory recall. This may arise because of the inability to recall from memory the appropriate word or to translate the word into speech or to issue the appropriate neuro-muscular commands.  A systematic or graded exercises of speech therapy is usually administered to improve the speaking ability and memory recall.

Vagmi Aphasia Module helps in memory recall and by repeated stimulation, the program may be able to jog the client’s memory thus helping in speech recovery!

Yet another tool for memory improvement is our auditory and cognitive skill development software – VSS-ACTM. This module is also a very interesting tool for the geriatric population for the mind and memory to be sharp keeping alzeimers and dimensia at bay!

VSS Auditory and Cognitive (VSS-ACTM) software module consists of a large number of tests with gradually increasing complexity covering auditory, visual and spatial modalities. The auditory tests can be programmed in any language. The instructions can be shown in two languages: English and any other second language.