Puberphonia – Male sounding like a female and vice-versa

Usually around the age of puberty, ‘voice breaks’ due to large hormonal changes and the pitch of a male speaker suddenly drops from their childhood value to a lower value. When this does not happen, some male speakers sound like female speakers. Such cases are called puberphonia. A result of puberphonia is the use of very high pitch which is inappropriate to their gender and age leading to possible psychological distress.

A similar phenomenon also occurs with females where they use a lower pitch and their voice sounds like male speakers.

Puberphonia is a functional disorder of voice that can be corrected by therapy where the client learns how to speak at an optimum pitch appropriate to his/her age and gender.

‘Pitch Control’ menus of Vagmi Therapy Voice Control are useful for this purpose.

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Vagmi Therapy Voice Control Module