Home Edition for Individuals

Despite a large number of public service centers and private clinics in mega cities, issues such as commuting time, both parents working etc, prevents a disabled child getting the fullest possible professional help. Given the guidance, an elderly person can practice therapy at home. This saves considerable time and effort. Our ‘Home Edition’ is meant for end users to use our software for self-administered therapy at their own homes and at their own convenience. Needless to say, Voice and Speech Software Products are easy to install and use.

Caution: However, for serious voice, speech and language problems, it is advised to get the problem evaluated by a qualified professional first. The specific therapy technique advised may then be self-administered at home. Also, periodic visits to a qualified professional is advised.

Techniques used in the Software developed by Voice and Speech Systems are standard techniques used by Speech Language Pathologists and ENT doctors while administering Voice and Speech Therapy. The software has been developed working closely with the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore and has been recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. Software developed by the Voice and Speech Systems are used extensively and on a daily basis in hundreds of clinics, hospitals, special schools etc.

Modules Available under Home Edition

  • Vagmi Therapy Breath Support Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Voice Control Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Picture – Word- Articulation Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Pronunciation Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Stuttering Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Nasalence Module
  • Vagmi Therapy Intonation and Accent Module
  • Vagmi Voice Culture
  • Vagmi Voice Awareness
  • Vagmi Intonation and Accent Module
  • Vagmi Aphasia
  • VSS-ACTM (Auditory and Cognitive Training Module)-Basic Version