Vagmi Voice Awareness Module

Any one would be interested in knowing ‘How good one’s voice sounds to a listener?’ Don’t we dress up to be presentable? Similarly, one must be aware of the attributes of voice so that one’s voice is appealing and socially presentable. This is more so important for professional voice users like singers actors and politicians, public figures etc. Some of these attributes are steadiness in voice, a wide range in volume and pitch of voice, lively intonation, rhythm in speech, diction in pronunciation etc.

A steady voice indicates confidence. A good range in intonation makes a voice lively. A restricted range in volume and pitch of voice sounds drowsy. Use of optimum pitch helps one speak or sing for a long duration without getting tired.

Speaking at a varying rate, some times hurried, sometimes slow is not desirable. Speech needs to have a good rhythm. Some speakers by habit use nasalized voice which is not desirable. While speaking, if the tongue movement is restricted, speech sounds as if the teeth are clenched or speech may sound slurred. If mouth opening is restricted, voice does not reach out to the listener. Such incorrect speaking habits puts a strain on the listener to understand and the listener may lose interest to communicate. Syllables in speech must be clearly delineated while speaking.

Vagmi Voice Awareness module evaluates these attributes and gives a relative grading of your voice.

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Vagmi Voice Awareness Module
Vagmi Voice Culture has programs to improve these skills.
Voice quality is determined not only by the respiratory control and laryngeal control but also by the articulatory (pronunciation) habits. An extreme example is the nasal voice. Other extreme examples are speech sounding as if the teeth are clenched, slurred speech due to old age or poor control of muscles of the tongue etc. If the speech is slurred due to wrong habits or lack of awareness, the slurred speech may be corrected using therapy by making the client aware of his/her slurred pronunciation. In case of lack of muscular co ordination, the degree of ‘slurring’ may be measured.