Teachers and Researchers in Speech Science

Speech Science is an inter-disciplinary subject covering areas like acoustics, linguistics, phonetics, signal processing etc. There are diverse and very interesting topics in the area of speech science. Teachers offering a course in speech science or speech processing or speech analysis etc must have an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts and must be able to illustrate the topics with various examples.

Speech Science Lab-Teaching (SSL-T) Module is a pedagogical software tool for learning the basic concepts of speech signal analysis, synthesis, perception, speaker recognition, speech coding etc. SSL comes along with a self-teaching course book and an associated database. SSL-T is a dedicated software that can operate only on the specific database that comes along with it. In order to conduct live projects and conduct research SSL-R and SSL-workbench modules have to be opted. It may be noted that SSL-R includes SSL-T.

Speech Science Lab-Research (SSL-R) Module is also useful for research projects related to various aspects of speech processing, without the need for going into coding. A large number of Doctoral theses, Master level dissertations, DoE, DST projects etc have been conducted using SSL-R.

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