Products of VSS has been mentioned in the 108th Rajya Sabha proceedings as an indigenous effort towards helping the speech and hearing impaired and have been recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Prof. K N Stevens, MIT (1992)
I can assert that my colleagues and I were very much impressed by these systems. The VAGHMI system is most useful for recording and evaluation of parameters of normal and disordered speech, and SSL is very effective for scientific studies of speech and for teaching.

Prof. Lindblom, Stockholm University (1984)
We have enjoyed the intellectual generosity and stimulating collaboration of Dr. Anantha. The VSS package offers experimental phonetician some of the most advanced tools for the acquisition of acoustic data so far available.

(Late) Prof. Gunnar Fant, Stockholm University (1984)
Some of the programs he (Dr Anantha) has developed are the most advanced presently available.

Dr Jayakumar, Phono-surgeon, KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum
My association with “Vaghmi” Diagnostic and Therapeutic Software … I am pleased to say that now I find it virtually indispensable in my practice.

Society for Education of the Deaf and Blind, Vizianagaram
Most of the children are pronouncing fricative sounds/s/, /sh/ through this system. Earlier it was not possible to make them pronounce these sounds.

(Late) Hari Prasad Shroff ( a stroke patient)
I am happy to receive ETSS (Electronic Toy for Speech Stimulation)… Nasal indicator and fricative indicator are much useful for me.