Vagmi Therapy Picture-Word-Articulation Module

Vagmi Picture-Word-Articulation (PWA) Module can be used

(a) As a Phonic drill to (test) evaluate the pronunciation of speech sounds for the hard of hearing as well as children with normal hearing and identify the sounds whose pronunciation have to be corrected

(b) For stroke patients in helping memory recall

(c) To learn a secondary language at word level

This module is currently available in English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Oriya, Arabic, and is easily programmable by an experienced user to any desired language.

Also, the existing test can be modified by adding various different pictures and sound clues.

A parent supervisor or a therapist or a special teacher accompanying the client grades the pronunciation as ‘poor’, ‘just ok’, ‘fair’, ‘average’, ‘good’, etc. A corresponding reinforcement is given. The score achieved is saved.

Pictures and words for all the speech sounds of a language may be tested in the picture-word-articulation test. Based on the overall performance, the next step to be followed can be decided. For example, after the test, if it is observed that the client is unable to pronounce the ‘s’ sound properly, then the test can focus only on the ‘s’ sounds.