Vagmi Therapy Nasalance Module

In  this module, the speech output from the lips (oral level) as well as the nostrils (nasal level) are broadly separated and their respective levels are measured. Thus one can become aware of the level of the speech output coming from the nostrils and lips separately. For example, when a word like ‘appa’ if said properly, has no nasalance. On the other hand, when a word like ‘amma’ is said properly, there will be a presence of a nasal sound in the word. The colourful display of the levels in this module helps even a hard of hearing client to become aware of the production of nasal sounds.

Nasalence Measurement

When Nasalence is measured quantitatively, for an ideal voice, for steady vowels, the nasalaence must be 0% ; In case of ‘hyper-nasality’, if the problem is due to lack of awareness, rather than an organic disorder, therapy is your solution.

Ideally, when pronouncing ‘m’ or ‘n’, nasalence must be as high as possible (>80%). If not, the case is called ‘hypo-nasality’ and can be corrected using therapy if the problem is due to lack of awareness, rather than any organic disorder.

The unique feature of the various modules developed by Voice and Speech Systems is that it not only provides therapy for various and numerous dimensions of voice and speech problems but it also gives you an option to measure your deviation from the normal. Using Vagmi Therapy Nasalence Module one can not only correct hyper or hypo nasality by means of interesting games but also first measure the degree of deviation from the normal voice quality and the severity of nasalence in one’s voice.