Vagmi Therapy Pronunciation Module

There are two broad categories in this module:

  • Discrimination tests for fricatives (s, sh, z), stops (p-b, t-d, k-g), laterals (l, r) and nasals (m, n)

‘If one can not discriminate the sounds, one can not produce the sounds’. Here, the client should be able to distinguish if the consonant in a pair of words is the same or different. After testing his/her ability to discriminate, the pronunciation may be corrected.

  • Production therapy

When a client is identified with an inability to produce a particular speech sound correctly, such incorrect pronunciation of vowels or consonants can be corrected with the help of appropriate graphs, games, challenges and tasks incorporated in this therapy module.

A unique feature developed out of scientific research and effort by Dr. TVA is the display of tongue and lip shapes for vowel pronunciation and the subtle distinction between s and sh. These are in a very effective way incorporated and displayed in our pronunciation therapy module aiding the child or the client in getting the pronunciation right within very few attempts.