Vagmi Therapy Intonation and Accent Module


The variation in pitch over the length of an utterance is measured while a client speaks and it is determined if the client’s voice has some intonation or is dull, flat or monotone.

By testing the steadiness in voice, this module also helps as a preliminary screening tool of a voice disorder. This feature can also be used for practicing to sing a musical note at a particular appropriate pitch. Also, the same program may be used to measure the range of pitch– lowest to highest. By displaying the volume instead of the pitch, rhythmic patterns of short and long vowels in syllables also may be displayed.


This feature is language independent. A model utterance of any language can be recorded and saved. This model intonation pattern to be achieved can be displayed in the upper window. The intonation of the client’s production is shown in the lower window for comparison to achieve the desired intonation of the chosen language. The client can also listen to the model utterance and compare it with his/her own production thus getting close and achieving the desired intonation pattern.