Vagmi Therapy Voice Control Module

This module has

  • Volume Control- These menus help a client to correct the volume or the level of the voice to be used and also helps to achieve a fine degree of control over voice.

Voice control uses interesting games and challenges to achieve the appropriate voice volume to maintain a good voice quality avoiding voice abuse.

  • Pitch Control- Recognizing one’s optimum pitch.

This module lets one discover the appropriate or optimum pitch level to be used to suit one’s voice thereby avoiding voice abuse. Long term voice abuse leads to damage of the vocal cords which sometimes would even require surgery to correct. Use of the optimum pitch level helps one speak for a longer duration without getting tired.

Pitch meter developed by Voice and Speech Systems helps a client measure his/her optimum pitch level. Pitch meter as well as other menus have exercises to help one change one’s voice from the habitual pitch to the desired optimum pitch. Also, these menus may be used to have a fine degree of control over pitch.

The pitch control menus are also used for correcting Puberphonia– Male speaking with a female voice and vice-versa .

  • Voice Range Control (Phonetogram)This menu option makes one aware of the voice range.

Phonotogram can be used to practice simultaneous control of pitch and volume. Generally, if one is asked to raise their pitch, they raise their voice volume instead and vice-versa. One has to become aware of these two distinct attributes of voice. There has to be a balance between volume (or level) and the pitch of your voice to make it sound pleasant. For a good quality voice, the volume and pitch are highly correlated. For a poor voice, the range is constricted and there is a poor correlation between pitch and volume.