Vagmi Therapy Breath Support Module

The duration for which a client is able to say a steady vowel with a single breath is referred to as the maximum phonation duration (MPD) or maximum phonation time (MPT). Poor MPD may arise either because of poor respiratory support or inefficient use of the available air in the lungs.

Vagmi Therapy Breath Support Module gives you Measurement or Assessment as well as Therapy menu options to help increase breath support such that the client is able to talk with strength in their voice and for longer duration without getting tired.

  • Voice Initiation and Sustenance– This is a measurement program to verify if the client’s voice has sufficient respiratory support.
  • MPD Measurement – This is to measure the MPD as well as to check the steadiness in the client’s voice.
  • MPD Therapy – This has a number of games like Pacman, puzzles and many challenges to help the client increase their breath support to be able to talk for a long duration comfortably.