Vagmi Voice Culture

Vagmi Voice Culture Module is a stand alone user friendly software which can be installed on any PC with MS OS XP or Windows 7. It consists of some selected menu options available in entire suite of Vagmi therapy products related to voice. Users interested in knowing about all the modules available may visit those links given at the bottom of this page.

Vagmi Voice Culture module assists the client in becoming aware of the dimensions of voice and brings out the full potential of one’s voice. Though a person may possess healthy vocal organs and supposedly a normal voice, the following issues may arise:

  • one may not be using the optimum pitch
  • one may be abusing the voice without one’s knowledge
  • one may not be consciously aware of the dimensions of voice quality
  • one may not be using the available full potential of one’s voice

Vagmi Voice culture module assists the client to address the above concerns.

Vagmi Voice Culture Menu Options

Optimum Pitch
Optimum pitch is an empirically arrived at result. Each person is supposed to be having a distinct optimum pitch level depending on the size of the vocal apparatus. If a person uses the optimum pitch level, then one can speak/sing for a longer duration without the voice getting tired or hoarse. It is recommended to speak/sing with the optimum pitch level.

Voice Initiation and Sustenance
This menu option verifies if the client’s voice has sufficient respiratory support. When the respiratory support is poor, there is a rapid fall in the voice level and also there are large fluctuations in the voice level. Ideally, the voice level must be steady and at the same level for as long a duration as possible. Using this menu, one can measure the rate of fall and the extent of fluctuations in voice level.

Measurement of Maximum Phonation Duration
The duration for which a client is able to say a steady vowel with a single breath is referred to as the maximum phonation duration (MPD) or the maximum phonation time (MPT). In addition to MPD, there is also an option to measure and display the mean and steadiness in the pitch and voice level (volume).

The presently achieved values by the client can be saved and compared against the previous history of the client.

Loudness Control – Prism
The task here is to maintain the voice level steady, neither too high nor too low. The desired degree of steadiness in voice can be controlled in two levels as ‘Easy’ or ‘Hard’. Maintaining a steady voice can then be attempted at different levels.

Pitch Control- Pitch Bird
The pitch to be achieved (say the optimum pitch or the pitch of musical notes) can be set as the ‘goal’. Also, the degree of accuracy to be achieved can be set as ‘Easy’ or ‘Hard’. A tone at the set pitch may be played over the head-phones during the initial stages of the practice. The task is to say a steady vowel in your optimum pitch.

Voice Range (Phonetogram)
This menu option makes one aware of the voice range. It can be used to practice simultaneous control of pitch and volume. For a good quality voice, there has to be a wide spread of the dots and at the same time the volume and pitch must be highly correlated.

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