Vagmi Nada Basic Module

This is a standalone user friendly software which can be installed on any PC with MS OS XP or Windows 7. This software tool assists in learning the basics of vocal music and tala (rhythm) for beginners thus reducing the learning time. Vagmi Nada saves the learning time of a student by giving appropriate visual feedback.

Vagmi Nada is not a replacement or a substitute for a guru

The following lessons are available:

  • Practicing a swara one at a time
  • Swaras- Arohana and avarohana of a raga
  • Swara identification
  • Basic Lessons- Sarali, Janti, DaTu, Alankara and Geeta swaras
  • Tala meter

Notable Features of Vagmi Nada Basic Module (ver.1.3)

Shruti: The singer’s shruti is set using a keyboard. Shruti can be fine tuned using a slide bar. Shruti can be played in two different tonal qualities: Tambura or Tone.  One’s commonly used Shruti can be saved in a file for future use.

Record and Analyze: The student sings (or plays an instrument). Vagmi Nada records and analyzes the voice (or the sound from the instrument) and estimates the pitch. When the pitch of the sung swara is within the acceptable limit, which can be set, the score improves else, the score decreases. Results are displayed numerically and graphically.

Tala: One of the three speeds (1st, 2nd or 3rd) can be selected. The tempo can be fine tuned using a slide bar. Hand gesture of the selected tala is displayed during practice. Audio of the tala beats can be played in two different tonal qualities: Beat or Cymbal during practice.

Other notable features are:

  • New lessons can be added. Existing lessons can be edited.
  • Documentation related to the theoretical aspects of music is given.
  • Built-in help documentation is available for each of the menu options.